Do you know that –

The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself?

The only person you can change is yourself, though most of us are preoccupied with changing others?

When you take responsibility for your own reactions, you can heal old wounds, learn and grow and stop repeating the same painful patterns?

Working with me, you will have the opportunity to –

  • Learn to listen to yourself and stop ignoring what is going on within you.
  • Discover and use the power, love and wisdom within you.
  • Learn and grow and find meaning and purpose.
  • Enjoy life, embrace it and live purposefully.
  • Become aware of your fears and learn how to manage them rather than be controlled by them.
  • Experience increase of love for yourself and others.
  • Realise what it means to be at the helm of your ship and living your best life.

Daily Tips for week beginning 14th March 2016


The world is emotionally polarised – everything is about feelings, about emotional reaction.

Even our thinking is emotional.

Just listen to the news or to the majority of TV programmes. These programmes heighten emotions – this does not serve us.

It’s so easy to just wallow in emotions, indulge them.

Observe how your feelings like to get rattled.  You will see, that, the more you dwell on whatever has happened, the more the feelings get rattled and fired up.

Your emotional body has a life of its own and it will run you until you consciously take charge of it.




Daily Tips for week beginning 7th March 2016

As you journal and acknowledge your feelings and listen to them, you are taking the time to understand what is going on for you, what is making you suffer. Giving way to your feelings, allowing them to run you, increases them, makes them stronger. You can’t see clearly. Suppressing or ignoring your feelings has the […]

Purpose and Meaning

Most of the time people are just getting along with the daily stuff, busy and consumed with the day to day. There is little or no thought or time for the bigger picture, the purpose of life. People also live in a lot of fear, worry, doubt. Notice how easily fear comes in and escalates […]

Daily Tips for week beginning 29th February 2016

When you journal you make space for you in your life and you listen to yourself. Use your journal to write about what happened, how you reacted, why you got upset and what the lesson was teaching you. When you use your journal in this way, you see how your upset is showing you faulty […]

Daily Tips for week beginning 22nd February 2016

I am the one that gives meaning to everything I experience. Think about this and observe your interpretations as you go through the day. I interpret what I experience and give it a particular meaning depending on the stories I tell myself, my past experiences, the attitudes and beliefs I hold. I interpret what happens […]

Understanding from the perspective of the Soul

  It is so different to see our experiences from the perspective of the Soul as opposed to the perspective of ego. The ego sees problems and bummers. The Soul understands everything as being a lesson, challenge and opportunity to grow and to understand truth. The ego struggles against what happens and sees it as […]